10 Impressive Coffin Nails – Ballerina nail designs


Most people know Ballerina nails as Coffin nails and it has been trend setter for a long while now.  We went through and hand picked nail designs that we think are simply impressive coffin nails. 

There are million ways to wear coffin nails, whether it’s glossy or matte nails, they still look awesome on our hands. 

Pink and Gold Ballerina Nail Art
Pink and Gold Ballerina Nail Art – This beautiful coffin nail has a nice balance of colours ranging from white, baby pink and gold. The Gold Chevron stripe over pink and white nail is a good detail by the nail artist. Credit: SW Nails Austin
unicorn trending coffin nail art
unicorn trending coffin nail art. Stunning rainbow coloured nail has plenty of details with the unicorn cuts and glitter to make you look like a princess. Credit: SW Nails Austin
Beautiful Blue glitter nails
Beautiful Blue glitter coffin nails. Water droplet over clear nail is pretty unique and ombre look of other nails are nice. 
Beautiful Baby Pink Acrylic coffin nails
Beautiful Baby Pink Acrylic coffin nails. I simply love this glossy colour on ballerina nail types. Very clean look from this nail polish.  @bylucycampos
Glass nails @mindyhardy
Glass nails are starting to appear all over social media now. Shattered glass nails are also an upcoming trend. Geometric coffin nails on index finger and abstract style on middle and stones pressed on others. Very eye catching indeed by @mindyhardy.
Floral Glitter Coffin nails
Floral Glitter Coffin nails for summer by Romaly. Encased floral ballerina nails with dye dipped nail tip. 
Royal Blue Rose and Mirror glitter nails
Royal Blue Rose and Mirror glitter nails by @haha_nails_. Rhinestone coffin nail art design on one or two nails. 3D rose on the nail is impressive with the amount of detail provided by the nail artist.
rainbow twilight 3d magic nails
rainbow twilight 3d magic nails. Galaxy coloured coffin nail with rhinestone embedded in to this design.
Black and Yellow Glitter nails
Black and Yellow Glitter nails. Black coffin nail is usually enough to get me going, but this blend of bright and funky colours is certainly an eye catching idea for summer. 
Clear See through coffin nails
Clear See through coffin nails. Clear acrylic nails without polish is simple and enhances your natural nail if you are not in to different patterns of nail arts. Credit: Tom Nguyen

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