Stunning Ombre Lipsticks Styles and Ideas


Ombre lipsticks styles are stunning on anyone. It has been on trend for a while now and we have hand picked some for you. 

@blackmooncosmetics luna blackmoon lips
@blackmooncosmetics luna blackmoon lips. Black ombre lipsticks are stunning on any light skin.
Liquid suede intense galaxy butter gloss @nah__melo @nyxcosmeticsbr
Liquid suede intense galaxy ombre lipsticks. butter gloss @nah__melo @nyxcosmeticsbr
amazing ombre using Buried and Ghost by @blackmooncosmetics
amazing ombre using Buried and Ghost by @blackmooncosmetics. This is one of my favourite lipsticks that is subtle but yet gives a gothic effect. 
@ditteschaal Glossy ombre lipsticks
@ditteschaal Glossy ombre lipsticks. First lipstick is blood red with light pink shades around the edges. Second one is a combination of purple and red. Third lip is a nice green glossy ombre look. Fourth lipstick is pink fading in to rose. Fifth lip is blue with dripping light blue liquid suede. Sixth maroon lipstick, seventh dark navy blue lipstick, eighth purple and orange and last black and grey lips.
gold and purple ombre lips
gold and purple ombre lips
@limecrimemakeup Diamond Crushers
@limecrimemakeup Diamond Crushers lipstick. Purple and blue ombre lipstick. 

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